Is it safe to take two years old Viagra?
It is not recommended to take pills if the date on the pill bottle is more than 18 months past the date. It is always recommended to buy pills only from reliable pharmacies. Which can guarantee you a high level of service and tablets, which are new and checked?

Is there sulfa in Viagra?
For those people who have allergy on some elements, it is highly recommended to check what the drug consists of before using it. An allergy can appear to the medicines that are sulfonamides, such as Bactrim. Viagra is not a sulfonamide so it can be safely used.

Is it too much to take two pills of Viagra?
Despite the fact that all depends on the dosage, it is well known that the strength that is prescribed to you, doctors still say that you should only take one tablet a day maximum. But at the same time remember, that the main point here is not to exceed the dosage, and then all would be fine.

What is the best time for me to take Viagra/ of course, Viagra must be taken before sexual intercourse?
But if to speak in details, it must be said that you should take it from 30 minutes up to 1 hour before sexual intercourse. As a result, you would have a stable reaction and can spend a great time with your intimate partner.

Is it possible that orgasm after taking Viagra happens without ejaculation?
Usually, Viagra acts in such a way, that all happens naturally. So a man who took it and had sexual intercourse than has the orgasm with ejaculation. But there is such side effect also, which appears to some man. So to avoid other problems, it can be recommended to see the doctor.

Does Viagra work on those who smoke?
For a man with various problems, which as a result lead to erectile dysfunction, Viagra is a great solution. It has been proven by a lot of men, that Viagra can successfully treat erectile dysfunction for those who are smoking. So it is useful for smokers.

What is the generics?
Generics of Viagra are drugs with the same affirmative action on the health of a man, but as usual, they are much cheaper. Price is lower because such drugs didn’t go through extensive scientific studies, so today it is possible to use them for mean who don’t want to pay much.