Sexual activity and how it differs for men of different age

The frequency of having sex at the different age for each person is purely individual. It is dependent on the health of the organism, mood. Young people often enter into an intimate relationship, several times per day, sometimes more than five times. Over time, as the level of sexual desire diminishes, a person enough two-three intercourse per week. That’s a sharp contrast. There is no one norm of sex for different men, there are only average figures. Individuals with low libido sex will be less than those with high level. In different periods of life, there are different reasons to have sex. For example, at the age of 20 years, people will obey the surge of hormones, and in 30 by sexual intercourse takes place in the privacy of self-assertion. With potency pills, Viagra online Canada, which you can buy on our website, sex at any time of the year will bring a pleasure.

Young – the most active

The frequency of having sex lows slowly, but reduces in years. Because the difference of 22 and 25 years is insignificant. And for men and women up to thirty years, there is an increase in desire, they gain their optimum sexual form. And then private life begins to stabilize, followed the extinction of sexual function.
Sexual activity of men peaks at 24-25 years. The quality and quantity of sexual intercourse affect even the little things like success or failure at work.
As for the sex all night, then this man is able to exploit an intimate an average of forty years. And then reduced libido and perform multiple sex acts a man can in a row with the help of drugs. To bring sex as much fun, they need to be engaged at the time of the natural excitement, at the call of the body. If a person does not want to go to bed, then force yourself not to be. Still, it is possible to take time off from intercourse, then to commit it. After the break, sex is always more welcome than in the case of a regular intercourse.

The average frequency of sexual intercourse

In our time, the frequency of having sex increases. In this helps sex education, good living conditions, the availability of means of protection against unwanted pregnancy, good food. In Western Europe, experts for five years to conduct research in the area of ​​sexuality considered various issues. The average frequency of having sex at different ages was so. People aged from 17 to 20 years are the most sexually active on average have 5-6 sex acts per week.

Long sexual life is a question that disturbs all man. 20-25 years – 4-5 times of having sex per week, between the ages of 25 to 35 years there is a stabilization of intimate life, and for man, it’s enough to have 3-4 times per week. Number of sexual acts cease to play a paramount importance in the first place there is the quality of sex life. From 35 to 50 years, the average number of having sex is 2-3 times a week. And after 50 years sexual desire is weakening and the person is limited to one or two acts a week, and very often men can have problems. Great male power is now accessible with the help of medicine. Luckily, to fight with them today there is a great possibility to take Canadian Viagra, which has shown a great result in the fight against erectile dysfunction.