Things You Need to Avoid if You Don’t Want to Ruin Your Intimate Life!

Sex is a significant part of our life. The quality of intimate life determines our satisfaction with life in general, our mood, our relations with the partner and many other aspects. In turn, sexual life quality also depends on a variety of external and internal factors. Some things can seem harmless at first sight. But in fact, they destroy the sexual life of a couple, causing numerous sexual dysfunctions in men. In particular, experts warn of the following habits, which are not as harmless as they want to seem. They are the uncontrolled use of sexual stimulators, including OTC Viagra, watching pornography, alcohol and some others.


Porn, to meet your every need, had never been as easily accessible as today in the era of the Internet. Though in some cases erotic and even porn films can bring some diversity into the sexual life of a couple, encouraging them to experiment in bed; excess watching of pornography is harmful to men’s brain.
Here are possible risks associated with an excessive watching of porn clips:

  • If men frequently use pornography to getting sexually aroused before proceeding to an intercourse, they quickly become addicted to it, and in future can’t reach the required level of arousal without it.
  • If a man watches pornography alone and reaches orgasms with the help of masturbation, chances are he’ll get accustomed to it, and won’t feel the need for a partner anymore. This causes alienation, misunderstanding and criticism from the partner’s side.
  • A man, who watches porn films regularly, will gradually need more and more visual stimuli for getting aroused. Porn addicts are not satisfied with pictures of ordinary sex between a man and a woman. They need more trash and violence – group sex, rape, lesbian and gay parties and so on.

Sexual stimulators

An alternative way to artificially enhance sexual performance is the use of all types of sexual stimulators. TheyThings You Need to Avoid if You Don’t Want to Ruin Your Intimate Life! can be marketed as generic Viagra or sex enhancement pills, it doesn’t really matter. Actually, these are supplements, having an impact on libido and erection. Even high-quality supplements have side effect and can cause addiction. As for fake pills that are sold as real Viagra online, they can contain harmful and even toxic chemical components. Using these stimulators without need can result in forming an addiction, weakening of sexual function and finally – an inability of getting aroused and naturally reaching erection.


A lot of men still try to enhance their sexual performance with the help of alcohol, though It is not a secret that it hurts sexual function. Yes, a small portion of alcohol helps to relax and feel more confident. Also, it intensifies blood circulation, which improves erection. But, this positive effect is temporary; and, it is reached by using minimal doses of alcohol beverages. If you can stop after one glass of wine, – well, it’s excellent, you can take it. But if the first drink is followed by one more, and then another one, you’d better refuse from the first glass initially. Regular use of alcohol before sex can cause addiction and situational erectile dysfunction when a man just can’t relax without a couple of drinks. This temporary ED can grow into a long-term erectile dysfunction or impotence.

What are harmless methods of sexual enhancement?

Along with these unhealthy and harmful methods of artificial exciting, there are tried and tested tricks that can enhance sexuality and raise libido without any damage to health.

Here are they:

  • Foods, containing aphrodisiacs. If you want to be at your best, refuse from heavy, substantial meals and beer before sex. Opt for a seafood cocktail, avocado, citrus fresh and green salad. These products contain oodles of vitamin and act like natural Viagra for men.
  • Things You Need to Avoid if You Don’t Want to Ruin Your Intimate Life!Special lubricants, gels, condoms and sex toys form specialized sex shops. They can bring in a deal of diversity in your intimate life and boost your and your partner’s sex drive. If you buy from certified sex stores, you may be sure that all these products have undergone quality control and are harmless for health.
  • Mastering erotic massage is much better than watching porn films. Give a real pleasure to your real partner and watch her arousal and culmination. Massage is good for health and pleasant for both partners. It has no contraindications. Also, it is a great way to add some diversity to your life. Your partner will appreciate it.

Sexual enhancement is an excellent thing if it is approached correctly. Use only simple methods – massage, goods from sex shops and natural aphrodisiacs. Refuse from artificial enhancers such as pornography, chemicals, and alcohol. Keep in mind that real sex enhancement doesn’t have side effects and brings to your life nothing but benefits.