What is male power and what for man needs it in the modern life

The ability of the man to continue good sexual life in all the countries considered to be the greatest blessing bestowed by nature. Lifestyle is very important. Normal sexual life on the basis of a healthy potency for the majority considered the main criterion of their usefulness. Problems with the male power (reduction) in our time are injuries to the men psychologically. Physicians potency characterized by several parameters. This, above all, the strength and direction of sexual desire, the duration and quality of erection, duration of sexual intercourse. An important characteristic of male potency is the time after which a second can have intercourse. The shorter the interval, the more sexually representative of the stronger sex.
The above figures may occur in men to varying degrees. They are strong and medium, weak or non-existent. However impotent called only that which does not have the desire for sexual intercourse, erection, ejaculation. And if a man has difficulties with the duration of sexual intercourse or erectile dysfunction, it only testifies to the need for seeking medical help. In 99% of cases, these problems can be overcome. And in order to know in which way to eliminate them, you need to understand the factors that affect sexual performance. To prolong(2) active sexual life for man is more that possible.

Causes of the problem

Causes reduce potency in men should know that the potency, first of all, put into the body by nature, that is transmitted genetically. But good health in our time can be reduced very quickly, even to lose, if you lead the wrong way of life. This alcohol and drugs, passion for nicotine and obesity, lack of exercise. It is these factors, especially if multiple substantially reduce sexual capability. But the majority of boys pay attention to the symptoms of lowering potency when they are already showing themselves regularly. This is what slows down the process of recovery. It also depends on a variety of diseases: kidney and genital inflammation, endocrine system and prostate. The transition of these diseases in the chronic form because, again, lack of attention to their health, reduces the sexual performance of men. Reluctance to be treated leads to the fact that after an illness they may decrease the potency as a result of general immunosuppression.

Influence of stress

A Huge influence on virility has stress. Luckily today there is generic Viagra Canada, which helps to have great sex for a man. Today, they are companions of our everyday work and personal life. Stress – a factor reducing immunity, against which develops an infection, genetic diseases manifest themselves, weakened man’s strength. And only fix this problem, you can restore sexual function. Otherwise, no medicines and recipes of traditional healers will help. Viagra is effective in most cases.

Reduced potency more peculiar representatives of certain professions. First of all, car owners, drivers (especially truckers), office workers. If a man is at least 3-4 hours is in a sitting posture, in his pelvic congestion occurs. Blood cannot normally supply the genitals, which leads to stagnant prostate inflammation, reducing erection. With regular contact with its vapor in the blood significantly reduced reproductive capacity. As for the men’s hobbies, and their impact on health, the great risk lovers of winter fishing. Constantly being in the cold, they succumbed to their genitals hypothermia. It threatens the overall health, and in particular potency. Her recovery – is, above all, the elimination of the above risk factors. Do not wait for men’s health disappoint you once. Prevention has always been and will be a wise way to take care of himself and of his woman.